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Meeting every Monday from 7-8:30pm at Holy Cross Lutheran Church:

Address: 4117 Terrace Drive, Omaha, NE 68134-3755 Phone: (402) 571-1622

Jubilee Info

Posted by jana.murphy on Sep 24 2022 - 6:24pm

Packets with your families' items REQUIRED to attend and NEED TO KNOW information for Jubilee will be set out on the Counter on 9/26 and 10/3 for you to come to pick up at the meeting. Please make sure you get your packet or make arrangements with Daniel to pick it up from our house. You can email him at us@pfie.netPlease take note of the instructions about arrival, arranging rides, reserved sites, pre-checking or bringing personal tents, and meals that are NOT provided (some are) as we will not be meeting at the church beforehand to go out to Jubilee. It will be an arrive on your own situation on Friday.  Can't wait to see you there along with P558 and P395!!

Chase Dawes Eagle Scout Project

Posted by jana.murphy on Sep 24 2022 - 6:22pm

Chase Dawes Eagle Scout Project planting trees at Sunny Slope Pool and presenting information on Urban Tree Diversity to the Sunny Slope Neighborhood via a presentation, tree giveaway and social media. Project will be at Sunny Slope Pool 10411 Fowler Ave.

Popcorn Sales Has Begun

Posted by jana.murphy on Sep 24 2022 - 6:22pm
It is time to sell popcorn!!! This is a huge fundraiser for our troop and scouts and everyone is encouraged to participate. ⏰Claim YOUR time slots in the Trails End app!!⏰ Please reach out to Amanda at (402) 515-9136 ahead of time so she can have your order prepared. You will be asked to sign out any popcorn, & it then becomes financially your responsibility. Please direct any question to Sarah Hanson at sarahkristine01@yahoo.com. Thanks! 

Adult Needed for Christmas Tree Recycling

Posted by jana.murphy on Sep 14 2022 - 10:32am

Help facilitate our Christmas Tree Recycling program! There is still a need for an adult to take on the Christmas Tree Recycling coordinator. Sean Moriarty is willing to train someone this year in the roll. This is a HUGE fund raiser for our troop and scouts. Please see Sean Moriarty, Daniel, or Jenn Pfile ASAP. Thank you for considering volunteering your time with the troop!

New Trailer Wheels Needed

Posted by jana.murphy on Sep 14 2022 - 10:30am

The Troop trailer is indeed of new wheels. If an adult has an expertise in the repair and would be willing to take it on please speak up. Thanks!

Merit Badge Opportunities

Posted by jana.murphy on Sep 3 2022 - 4:04pm

Date Change: Upcoming Merit Badge classes open to those that have completed the First Year program: Personal Fittness with Mr. Krause (starting 8/1and ending by 10/3). This class would be first priority for Scouts that need Personal Fitness and Communication. Communication with Mrs. Dawes starting 8/15 (4 weeks 8/15, 8/22, 9/12, 9/19). American Heritage with Mrs. McLaughlin (2 weeks 9/12 & 9/19). This class would be for Scouts that have both Personal Fitness & Communication. Citizenship in the Community with Mrs. Dawes starting 9/26 (4 weeks 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17). Personal Management starting 10/24 and ending 12/5 with Mrs. Pfile.



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